About  I2A and the international accelerator program

I2A is primarily a deep-dive market-readiness and investor-readiness accelerator for Digitalhealth and MedTech startups and scaleups. Achieving market access and product/market-fit to the european markets is the goal.

There are only few fast tracks to market. The best technology and the best product is nothing without product-market-fit. You can either explore it or use the acquired knowledge of market professionals.  Our goal is to nurture teams and businesses to help you succeed in bringing healthcare innovation to market.

If you think, we or any other institution out there have always this knowledge and perseverance, you are wrong. But we insure you our dediction and assertiveness to help you find the right solution.

You invest  three months of your time. The costs for each  team are 16,5k € per month. ( This does not include costs as living costs, travel costs, GmbH set-up costs )

  1. a go-to-market strategy based on market data for the different EU countries and sector expertise
  2. an application for product approval and the necessary branch
  3. the necessary quality management assured processes (eQMS)
  4. the development of test markets
  5. first customers contacts
  6. the examination and application (self-applied) for subsidies
  7. the establishment of targeted contacts to co-investors
  8. at least one started negotiation process for insurance reimbursement in case a similar product is already listed on the european market

No. For regulatory issues , subsidy applications and market practices a subsidiary in Austria is necessary ( Details: Set up an Austrian company ) . The costs to set up a limited company in Austria are small and gives you full access to the european market. I2A will organise all the necessary activities for this purpose.

Your business retains 100% ownership of any IP created  during or after you participate at the accelerator.

Startup hubs are buzzing in all the major European capitals, from London and Berlin to Paris and Amsterdam. However, according to new research, Vienna is currently the prime location for entrepreneurs looking to launch a new business. More…

Contact us here with any additional questions and a teammate will reply to you within 24 hours!

Who should apply to I2A ?

Early and growth stage teams innovating in the field of life science or healthcare, especially in Digitalhealth and MedTech ( not BioTech or Pharma) . Some kind of market traction is necessary.

To apply  fill out the online application form with a basic overview of your team, problem solved,  productUSP and your goals.

Applicants will receive a reply within two weeks notifying you of your application status and next steps. Selected teams will be invited to a 20-30 minute interview with an individual evaluator in your country.  The top startups  will be invited to participate in the accelerator.

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